Kate Downie


Diary of Life: extract from artists' documentary series

Diary of Life: extract from artists' documentary series
Produced for CCTV
Film-maker: Susie Song
Filmed during the Xucun International Arts Festival, Shangxi Province, China
July/August 2013


Drawing the Pibroch from Kate Downie, 2010.

The video work ‘Drawing the Pibroch’ tracks both the progress of this drawing and is sound tracked by ‘The Companies Lament’, beautifully played in 21st century idiom by Gary West and Wendy Stewart. Constructed and photographed by AV artist Michael Wolchover, this work attempts to express a contemporary testament to the displaced city people everywhere


Junction 50 to the Asphalt Sea from Kate Downie & Michael Wolchover, 2008.

A performance drawing by Kate Downie, filmed and edited by Michael Wolchover.